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5 Tips To Organize Your Space.

Winter blues? Stuck inside? Before we spring clean we can winter organize. Yes, we made that up, but hear us out!  Organizing your spaces will help determine what to keep and what you might be able to donate and don’t really need. When the weather improves and you are ready for that deep clean you won’t have so much work to do.

1. Don’t try to get it all done in one day! Schedule 30 minutes and start with one room, or even one area of one room. Every little bit of time you spend will add up. Sort your items BEFORE you buy the storage bins. I know, we all love buying new bins, but you don’t want to buy what you don’t need. Sort first, buy later! Start with 3 large garbage bags and LABEL them “Keep” “Donate” and “Trash”. This way when you come back to your project you remember what to put where.

Storage Bench with Canvas Cushion

A Simple bench with cubbies can be a great functional furniture piece. The individual slots work great for shoes, books or items you might not need that often. These are great for smaller spaces! Shop benches

2. When you sort, group or categorize items before putting in a bin or organizer. This will make labeling and finding the items you need later. Don’t but the scrapbook next to the camping thermos, that’s just not helpful. P.S. – You do have permission to get rid of the thermos if you haven’t been camping since 2010, I’m sure someone else would love to use it!

3. Try NOT to stack bins – use your shelves! We know you might not have shelves, or the funds to purchase right now, so if you need to stack them, that’s ok. If shelving is available or you have the funds, use the shelves. Using shelving will save time when looking for something. Don’t ignore that vertical space (unless you don’t have a ladder, then go ahead and keep everything lower!

Don’t be afraid of open accent shelves. They work well in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. You might want to hide your stuff behind a cabinet, but maybe it would look better on a shelf (and get used more). Shop shelves

4. Don’t stack items that can be “filed”. This is mostly for kitchen organizing but could come in handy for other rooms. Instead of stacking items like baking sheets, cupcake pans, cutting boards, file them. Metal office organizers work great for this, just make sure they are sturdy if you have a lot of items. Small cabinets work great for this method. This is also a great system for food storage lids – filing!

5. Lastly – don’t use ALL the space. You will inevitably find more things or buy more things that will need some space so don’t try to fill every inch right away. It’s not a bad thing to keep one extra bin or shelf free for the newly acquired (or found) items, but if you ended up buying several more bins than you needed, return them. Having a place for more stuff will encourage you to keep more stuff when you might otherwise decide to donate it because do you REALLY need a pair of rollerblades from 5 summers ago when you told yourself you wanted a new hobby? We think – probably not.

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